Annual Report

Annual Report July 2022 – June 2023

Board of Directors:

  • Don Murray, President – Fayston
  • Polly Bednash, Vice President – Waitsfield
  • Bill Zekas, Treasurer – Moretown
  • Steve Fried, Secretary – Waitsfield
  • Suzanne Peterson – Waitsfield
  • Tom Emory – Waitsfield
  • Dick Valentinetti – Moretown
  • Mike Kelley – Warren
  • Danielle Hampton – Fayston

As issues concerning COVID-19 seem to have become less pronounced, the Health Center continued to be fully rented and our tenants remained current on their rent payments. As had been the practice in past years, rent increase was limited to the CPI. There was no turnover of tenants during the year. On June 30, the following health care providers were using the Health Center to deliver their services.

  • Mad River Valley Family Practice (CVMC)
  • Three Moons Wellness
  • Hannah’s House
  • Dr. Richard Davis

With the vision and energy of board member Polly Bednash, in the fall of 2022 the latest vaccine booster targeted at Omicron strains, called the bivalent vaccine, was made available at the Waitsfield United Church of Christ. This effort was a complex task, involving Polly’s rallying the support of, and coordination of, several different organizations including the Waterbury Ambulance Service, the Vermont Department of Health, the Valley Reporter, the Waitsfield United Church of Christ, and the Mad River Valley Ambulance Service.

During the year, the Board continued to remain in frequent contact with CVMC over a range of issues, particularly those relating to lack of staffing and continued difficulties in getting in to see a provider in a timely fashion. met with our majority tenant, Central Vermont Health Center. CVMC’s operation remains heavily impacted by the lingering effects of Covid-19 and by the shortage of health care workers, a situation which is not unique to just the Valley. CVMC has affirmed its commitment to the Mad River Valley.

The Health Center building is approaching 20 years old which will likely trigger significant capital expenses going forward. The four HVAC condensers are nearing the end of their projected life expectancy and the decision was made to proceed with their replacement. That project should be completed in the fall of 2023. Fortunately the maintenance reserves built up over the last few years should be enough to cover these expenses. The Board is taking more proactive measures to prepare for anything untoward.

The Board of Directors is confident that the Health Center is financially stable and remains the highest quality facility in the Mad River Valley for health care professionals.